Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Politicians in my country

        The politicians in my country are only short-sighted, they cannot see beyond their noses. Over fifty years after independence, the country has no development agenda. Each government picks and does, what they like, what they think will bring them votes, even if in the long run, it will make us worse off. We have no strategy for development, so we move in all directions and still does not make progress.
       The politicians in my country are mediocre, hypocrites, selfish egotists and blatant liars. They lie everyday. They do not fear God, they want to be considered gods. They make themselves tin-gods, and so do not expect us to criticize them.
       The politicians in my country are old men. They are old men who have retired or near retiring. They push the youth behind and take front line positions when they should have given the youth the chance and sit back and guide them. They are old men who have no comprehension of current trends and cannot therefore envision the future. They are old men who want to stay in power till they die as though they were Pharaohs.
      They fear to take risks, they consult too long and adventure too little and hardly drives nations forward.


Anonymous said...

I like this. It is very true about our politicians.

Anonymous said...

This is great