Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Obama has failed Libya

Obama’s speech, if anything, sounded like a speech prepared for a war propaganda secretary as he failed to say when the US will stop destroying Libya from the air, and he did not recognize that civilian casualties have increased and the situation has been made worse. He ignored the fact that civilians do indeed die as a result of the bombs US throws into Libya.
He seem to believe that Gaddafi’s men carried dead bodies they killed to places bombarded by Allied forces and when it evident that the Gaddafi’s fighters have more work on their hands to be carrying dead bodies to places bombed by imperialist air strikes. Any attempt to deny civilian deaths from the bombs smacks of irresponsibility and impunity.
The UN no fly zone in Libya has been condemned as having gone beyond its limits and was now used to aid alleged al-Qaeda rebels, something which was not agreed upon.  France, UK and the US have thrown brimstone, cruise missiles and tomahawks into Libya under the false pretense of protecting civilians when in reality, such civilians are now suffering the repercussions of this UN backed war against Libya.
Already top brass international law experts have started discussing the implication of the implementation of the ‘no fly zone’ in which some argue that it has gone beyond its limits and whether the coalition strikes could be investigated for war crimes. This will be a test case for the International Criminal Court in The Hague, that had been notorious for targeting only African leaders for war crime indictments leaving the west to ride roughshod over other countries and has destabilized Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya and yet no one drags them there.
The Arab League who suspiciously called for the ‘no fly zone’ are now used as anchor for the Allied invasion of Libya, although some of them now regret it, it remains that the Allied campaign would surely squarely place the blame on the Arab League.
Qatar has already shown that the fight in Libya is indeed the oil by offering to buy oil from the rebel cities. So the Arab state of Qatar, with fighter jets in Libya, was there simply for Libya’s oil. One may wonder how many Qatari bombs have been fired into Libya.
This is more worrying because the AU has been totally ignored by the UN simply because they refused to endorse military action in Libya. Libya is in Africa, it is not in the Middle East, but the west decided to ignore the diplomacy option given by the AU.
And Obama, who should have seized the opportunity to show diplomacy instead of war, an act contradictory to his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, chose war and has just done what Bush did (and he Obama had refused to endorse and used that to launch his political campaign.)
Aided by the air strikes, the rebels have now taken over many cities and are now bracing for Sirte, the deciding moment.
Gaddafi, the master strategist, has withdrawn his troops back to Tripoli, planning and scheming for the last decisive days. The rebels, who first entered Sirte started fleeing back in panic. It is now not clear whether the coalition forces would bomb the rebels who now advance towards civilian populations in Tripoli (that of course will never happen.)
French jets have led one of the heaviest wanton bombings against Gaddafi‘s grounded and immobile fighter jets. The French have just forgotten what happened when France was invaded in the WWII.
French President Sarkozy was the first to recognize the rebels as the sole representatives of Libya, (a dangerous political move) and he would do worse than Gaddafi to see that come to pass or suffer backlash from his opponents and French business interest in Libya and the nagging issue of Gaddafi having sponsored his political campaign.
In Yemen 121 people have been reportedly killed in clashes with government forces. Syrians protestors are daily killed on the streets, and in Bahrain, UAE sent troops there to repress the rebellion and Obama and the west turn their faces away from them.
Japan nuclear reactor has released more radiations the world has never seen before and dangers of one of the reactors exploding and causing not only a catastrophe there but all over the world. This is a world disaster, more serious to civilian lives than Gaddafi.
The Imperialists Coalition are meeting in London to discuss the future of Libya without Gaddafi's representatives. This only brings to mind the notorious Berlin Conference that led to the scramble for African lands by imperialists countries of Europe. What is in their minds is the oil reserves  that they would reap as booty after removing Gaddafi (that is if that can be achieved). The conference might as well decide how much the imperialist forces will share the Libyan oil and gold if Gaddafi goes away.  
The Pope in the Vatican has called for ceasefire of the air strikes but this has fallen on defiant imperialists ears. In doing what Gaddafi did, the imperialists forces, have shown that they are no better than Gaddafi after all.

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