Monday, 28 March 2011

Translated: Libya State TV guest says Jinn and dead “saints” are fighting for Gaddafi


“Also, the Saliheen (very religious people who have died) are fighting for you, and there is no room for doubt about this. There are the “people of the unseen” who are fighting for your cause. And I have a message today from Al Hakeem Suleiman (Al Hakeem is a leader of the Jinn/Djinn) to the Sultan Hashabtooh Al Maghrib (A sultan of the Jinn/Djinn). Pandemonium and disorder have increased, so has giving and taking. On him I send the birds of Azrib Al Khethr (not sure who this is), on them their country will be pounded for you will reap what you sow. One for one, and the one who started is more oppressive.

Spread darkness, start with two states and let the black owls caw, the reaction will be equal to the action, and they will swallow the Japanese nuclear radiation, and helter-skelter whoever whoever lives there. In vain you try to transport them in ships, and to where? Their entrenchment in tunnels is nonsense. The owls will caw remorse and anguish. There is no solution for the meteor’s radiation O Americans. Leave before the quick slow death raids you. Retreat and make up what you missed, and if you come forward with stubbornness, we will extend to cause more chaos in the world. And you know very well who is the “tied Libyan”. The Sultan HeemShaas (another Jinn/Djinn): the land of the Turks cracks from an earthquake caused by the selling of religion in exchange for this world. The Sultan Ashawis (another Jinn/Djinn): The land of the English, its Qatari followers and blind following Emirates, a yellow wind will carry the dust of death, and the anger of nature will cleanse the human impurities. Leave oh Sons of Adam. These cities are death warners, coming with nothing able to stop it. Your leaders left you no choice. You will die tomorrow by the day.”

This information was taken from Libya 17 January 2011 website