Sunday, 3 April 2011

Western Dictatorship to replace Gaddafi?

Ghana's former President, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings has cautioned countries fighting for political change in the Middle East to guard against exchanging freedom for bondage. In a statement he issued in Accra at the weekend, ex President Rawlings said that “my advice and caution to the Libyan people is that, let us hope in your fight for your freedom you will not end up trading one form of freedom for another. Amongst the nations coming to your rescue are the genuine believers of freedom, downright opportunists and crass mercenaries."
It is clear now that mission creep is setting in Libya as a stalemate is emerging. The imperialists who thought it was very easy removing Gaddafi have now shown that after all, it was not Libyan civilians that made them to invade Libya, but rather the prospect of ruling Libya that motivated them.
It has shown how western leaders with their clandestine motivations have in the past robbed Africa through traitors in the country and then indirectly impose themselves on the people while pretending to be promoting democracy.  They invaded Libya under the pretext of protecting civilians, but now, what do we see? Many civilians are now dying from NATO bombs dropped on Libya and the country has almost been reduced to rubble because western greedy politicians bolstered the weaker side and are therefore prolonging the war in Libya and causing civilian deaths.
If only Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy had listened to wise counsel, they would not have invaded another Muslim country at the time when Israeli war planes are pounding Gaza to rubble and pastors like Terry Jones are burning the Quran to ashes. And when protestors in Syria, Bahrain and other Middle Eastern countries are daily massacred on the streets and nothing is said about them.
But now, even the people they wanted to protect will never thank them. Because, the rebels they were bolstering are also now suffering from the bombs that were meant for Gaddafi’s forces and Gaddafi’s forces are making headway and would soon encapsulate them and perhaps annihilate them if they don’t surrender.
But these greedy leaders, like their avaricious forefathers who robbed and enslaved Africans, were so blinded by the prospect of acquiring the wealth of Libya that they did not allow wise counsel to prevail, rather they lied to their populace that Gaddafi was going to massacre the Benghazians when evidence from other towns taken over by government forces were not massacred.
Like the Libyan young girl who is quoted to have said, “You keep telling us about human rights and yet you keep bombing us?” So where is the west so called civilization? If these so called civilized leaders are bombing civilians in Libya because they want to get Libya’s oil, then they are worse off than Gaddafi. In doing what Gaddafi did, they have shown that they are no better than him. They should also be ready to face serious consequences. Already, a Gaddafi supporter in the UK pledged that they would turn into “exploding bombs in Britain and elsewhere” and with Libya’s record of terrorism, one should not be surprised of future reprisals should Gaddafi leave power. You never can tell.
In bolstering the weaker side, these greedy imperialists are unnecessarily prolonging the civil war in Libya. Some few days ago, the rebels shot down their own fighter jet and outside Brega, an enthusiastic Libyan rebel shot himself dead.  NATO war planes were reported to have carried out air strikes against rebels killing about 14 of them, wounding many and destroying cars and ammunition. Presently, although there are reports of discipline at the frontlines, reports are also emerging that the rebels are increasingly getting divided as to who is commanding the frontlines. Some say it is Younis (the defected interior minister) and others say it is Halfar, a Libyan commander who fought for Gaddafi in Chad and later defected from the regime and has been in the US for 20 years now. Although these experienced commanders brought hope back to the disorganized charades of rebels, the impact was less felt as they were further pushed back. There are already reports that new weapons are brought to the frontline and Britain is to send “emergency aid” to the rebels. Although this should be welcome news, it is not however clear whether this ‘aid’ would include arms meant to further prolong the civil war.
Moreover, by supporting the rebels, imperialist forces are also guilty of encouraging, supporting and arming child-soldiers to fight Gaddafi, an act for which the US is prosecuting Charles Taylor at the International Criminal Court for. Most of the rebels are very young and below the age of 18. So what moral right do they have now to prosecute Charles Taylor for using child-soldiers, when they are now doing exactly the same thing?
One can therefore say that the present condition in Libya is not caused by Gaddafi, but is the direct action of imperialist leaders who are unnecessarily prolonging the civil war and worsening civilian conditions, just because they want Gaddafi out in order to rob Libya, like Britain, France and their European imperialists have been robbing Africa since long.
Libyans should not get themselves into thinking that with Gaddafi gone, they are going to be free, for the west will not allow them.  Any future leader who will not be a stooge to the west will get booted out before he realizes it. So in the end, they will just be getting away from one dictator to another ferocious one; the west.

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