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Will Africa fight for Gaddafi?

Libyan Leader Moammar Gaddafi today urged NATO to negotiate with him so that the bombing and killings will stop, but this of course will only strengthen NATO to keep up the pressure on him as they would now see him as desperately groping for a solution as the war cannot be won by either side.
"I'm not leaving my country, no one can force me to leave my country and no one can tell me not to fight for my country. Libya is ready until now to enter a ceasefire ... but a ceasefire cannot be from one side. We were the first to welcome a ceasefire and we were the first to accept a ceasefire ... but the crusader NATO attack has not stopped. We did not attack them or cross the sea ... why are they attacking us? Let us negotiate with you, the countries that attack us. Let us negotiate." Gaddafi added that if it was oil the coalition countries were after, there was no problem in negotiating contracts. If NATO powers were not interested in talks, however, the Libyan people would not surrender and were willing to die resisting what he called its "terrorist" attacks. "Either freedom or death. No surrender. No fear. No departure," he said.

     It is unfortunate that what started out as a peaceful protest has become one of the bloodiest widespread war in Libya. While in many other places, in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain among others, the protesters have largely remained peaceful while government forces continue to kill them, those in Libya took up arms and ever since the situation has moved very fast and the number of deaths keep on increasing daily.
If the international community had stayed out of this and had listened to the AU, civilian casualties in Libya would have been reduced drastically, but Britain and France, twisted arms in the Arab League to call for a ‘no fly zone’ with the anticipation that Gaddafi would be toppled in the twinkle of an eye.
Now, what do we see, there are estimates that between 10,000 and 30,000 people might have been killed from both sides, with NATO bombs accounting for probably a quarter of that number. Libya had become the worst unsafe place in the world while the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who together with the comedian French President Sarkozy declared war on Libya, are leaving in safe places and are even celebrating their royal wedding while their planes are bombing and decimating Libya and destroying everything and everybody irrespective of whether they are civilians, Gaddafi fighters or even the rebels.
But where is the Transitional National Council, the head of the rebel leadership? They are safe. They, like Gaddafi, will not go to the frontline. They sit and allow the youth to be killed every day and there are suspicions that the rebels are now also using mercenaries from the UK and France who went there disguised as military advisers but are in fact mercenaries. Coupled with that, Arab countries like Qatar who see Gaddafi as a challenge to them are also now involved in supplying weapons from Britain and France to the rebels.
Qatar’s involvement in the Libyan crisis raises so many suspicions about its motives. The Emir of Qatar, Al Thani, came into power after toppling his father. He has never been elected and cannot therefore be said to be fighting for democracy since there is hardly any democracy in his own country. Moreover, the Emir who is the owner of the Aljazeera TV network cannot be said to be promoting free speech since Aljazeera cannot report about the Emirate. That is to say while Aljazeera can report about any country in the world, it cannot report about Qatar. Where then is the freedom of speech?
The international community has turned a deaf ear to humanitarian conditions and are not negotiating for a ceasefire, rather they are seeking to escalate the war by supplying the rebel side with weapons, so innocent youth in Benghazi and other places like Tobruk and Derna are being armed to go to Misrata, certainly to face death.
But lets have a look at the propaganda perpetuated by Aljazeera and other western reporters. Is it not the presence of rebels in Misrata that is making it the centre of the war? Are other towns like Brega and Ras Lanuf controlled by Gaddafi forces shelled every day? Definitely not. Gaddafi is aware as the rebels are that once the rebels take over Misrata, the new battle front will be there and not the road between Brega and Adjdabiya. Moreover, most of the rebels fighting there are not from Brega but many others sent from Benghazi.
What is the difference between NATO and Gaddafi? NATO is bombing civilians, Gaddafi forces and even the rebels. For what? In the name of protecting civilians? But civilians die every day from NATO bombs. Gaddafi is fighting foreign backed rebels who want to end his 42 dictatorial rule. A weak resistance which has been incapable of toppling him and had to call for foreign help. Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years and was never a threat to the people, suddenly he is seen as a threat to the people, but those in Tripoli have only to fear NATO bombs but not Gaddafi’s forces.  It should be noted that British war planes have been reported to have carried out exercises in bombing Libya months before the rebellion broke out. The CIA deployed all its Libyan agents back into Libya when the rebellion broke out. They are those now directing NATO bombings and working and connecting with the rebels for intelligence information on the ground. NATO doesn’t care a bit about civilians, as it seems to portray. They are bombing empty bunkers. What NATO doesn’t know is that right after the first bombs from France started raining down in Libya, Gaddafi organised a massive emptying of many of the ammunition depots and transferred all the light weapons to many hideouts. NATO is bombing Libya with the hope that they would destroy Gaddafi’s weapons, sold to him by many of the NATO members. A motley crew of fearful men who think the world is only safe through aggression and continuing to cause mayhem to mankind all over the world in Kosovo, in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and now in Libya.
Gaddafi has now made a formal request for the AU leaders to meet and take a look at the situation in the country. Well, the trouble that most people in the West might have is why Africans support Gaddafi. Africans know that the very people bombing Libya ruled and robbed Africa through slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism and now they want Africans to see them as saviours? Many countries in Africa know that what is happening in Libya could happen to them and they know that to support the west now is to forget about history and live as if you suddenly woke up to a young and innocent world.
The gullible and the careless in the west would simply dismiss it, “he funded them.” In many societies in Africa, if someone helps you, it is wrong to turn on the person, whereas in the west, they probably don’t give a damn. For instance, Gaddafi supported French Sarkozy’s election campaign who suddenly became his bitterest and destructive enemy. Others would now be careful.
The AU wanted to solve it amicably without bloodshed, but the west were gang-ho about “bombing the shit out of the dictator” which they got and have still failed to topple the strong “brother leader.”
But where did Gaddafi get his weapons? The British sold him most of the weapons that he now uses against his people. A Wikileaks cable revealed that the British government helped in the release of the Libyan held responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. So how come someone you accepted, wined, dined and made deals with, has suddenly become an enemy and a threat to his people?
There are of-course some in the AU who do not like the “brother leader”. When he was the AU Chairman, he was reported to have said that Nigeria should be divided, which annoyed many Nigerians. Nigeria voted in support of the UN “no fly zone” over Libya. Nigeria’s new President is very new and a US agent who will surely dance to the tune of the US. It must be added that there are, however, a lot of people in Nigeria, especially the Muslims, who will go to Libya to fight for Gaddafi.
South Africa’s Jacob Zuma who wields some influence in the AU and has military capabilities supports the brother leader. However, South Africa voted to support the “no fly zone” and probably regretting for doing that looks set to lead any campaign against the airstrikes in Libya.
Ghana’s President seems to be inward looking and probably doesn’t give a damn about Libya, except that his Vice has close associates of the “brother leader”.
Chad, Algeria, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, the Polisario are all countries who are presently either helping the “brother leader” or are prepared to help through the backdoor transporting food, arms and mercenaries through long established old routes in the desert.
The major problem for the AU is that it cannot take any decisive stand and go by it because western interest, through their agents, takes priority over African interest. If any AU member defies the west, they begin to impose sanctions, like Zimbabwe. So that is the problem with most African countries who still depend entirely on the west and has not started dealing with the east.  
It is difficult to predict what would happen in Libya in the coming days, but a month from now Gaddafi would still be in power.

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