Saturday, 11 June 2011

Victory or death, it doesn`t matter to Gaddafi!

NATO seems to be saying to the people in Tripoli and Libya as a whole, “we will continue to bomb you  in order to protect you. We will bomb you until you rise up and fight Gaddafi.” However, this has rather strengthened the people’s resolve to fight to the last end. Gaddafi has said, "We will not surrender. We have only one choice, until the end: Victory or death, it doesn't matter." This obviously indicates that Gaddafi will fight until the last drop of blood, even after his army and military infrastructure have been battered by NATO. Reports are also indicating that Gaddafi’s son, Khamis is now taking control of most of the operations which has resulted in renewed attempts to take over Misurata. Many rebels are increasingly killed. 31 rebels were killed in Misurata recently and the death toll is set to rise.
Despite NATO’s claims that they have drastically reduced Gaddafi’s military arsenals, Gaddafi is looking set to grab Misurata. NATO members are also running short of bombs after throwing most of their bombs on empty bunkers and evacuated sites. Information now trickling in indicates that Gaddafi’s forces have really shot down three NATO planes, the recent one being the report on Friday that Gaddafi forces have shot down an attack Helicopter off the coast of Zintan. Although NATO denied, it is possible that three NATO planes might have been shot down but NATO has decided to put lids on those news, as such news will cost NATO countries political damage in their countries, so NATO is perhaps hiding some of these attacks from the media.
The simplicity with which the whole Libya campaign was expected to be turned out just to show to the whole world how powerful Gaddafi was after all and how it is increasingly impossible after almost three months of intense bombing, to use military action to remove Gaddafi. Very soon, there will be nothing to bomb in Libya except to bomb houses in Tripoli, which they already seem to be doing. As it is increasingly showing, bombing Libya can never weaken the long arm of the strong man. He is definitely going to stay for more years.  
President Obama, obviously the first African American president, is also the first US president to launch war against the continent. Ironically, the American led NATO has been bombing Gaddafi’s palace since the beginning of the campaign making Gaddafi a target in NATO’s bombing, but the US President condemned attacks in `strongest terms`on Yemen’s President’s palace and has since ordered the US to carry out drone attacks on rebels fighting the government for the same freedom Libyans are fighting for.
Granted, Gaddafi might be hated for many things, but this has certainly proven that Gaddafi has won the battle already even if he eventually leaves power. He has been able to call western bombardments a bluff. He has said, “you cannot kill me because I live in the people’s hearts.”
He has been betrayed by friends and profiteers alike. He funded the election campaign of French President Sarkozy who has turned out to become his bitterest and destructive enemy. He has been betrayed by the Americans and the Europeans who use to lick his boots for oil contracts and run amok anytime he coughed. 
He has been betrayed by the Arab League who mostly have come to the realisation that to oppose Gaddafi at these troubling times was the wisest thing to do if you wanted to be favoured by the west. What they have perhaps forgotten or not realised is that once Gaddafi leaves, it will pave the way for most of them to also vacate their posts as later events will eventually show.
He has been betrayed by some members of the AU who used to cower before him for help anytime they needed it. South Africa, Gabon and Nigeria voted to support the No fly Zone. Senegal’s Wade has been the mole in the continent. He is the only African leader to have recognised the rebels and has even visited Benghazi. Either he has forgotten recent history or is towing to western, especially Sarkozy’s, influence. Anyway, he seems to be a confused old man.
Gaddafi has been betrayed by his own people and those who use to work for him. Most of them have defected. It is funny how some of the people who are now heading the rebel TNC were people who have until now being working for Gaddafi and have been executing his orders.
In spite of all these betrayals and defections, Gaddafi has remained cool and collected, weighting his chances and taking his risks and still hoping that he will succeed. For now, there is only one choice which he seemed to have echoed when he said, “We have only one choice, until the end: Victory or death, it doesn't matter."


Radio Free Africa said...

If you really care about Africa, you should try your best to bring down Gaddafi, because he kills more Africans (His own people) than any men on earth right now

You seem to be very impressed by Gaddafis will to fight 'until the last drop of blood', but if Gaddafi would care about his people, he would not a single drop of blood be dropped. Instead, his mentality resembles that of Adolf Hitler in 1945.

We have seen only the drone shoot down on Libya TV today; if they had shoot down real helicopters, they would have shown the wrecks on TV, but as they have not, these claims are nothing but lies, like most statements on Gaddafi's propaganda Tv.

In Yemen, there are Sadad thugs, freedom fighters and Al Qaida. Of those America bombs only Al Qaida.

That Gaddafi sponsored Sarkozy's campaign should really shame Sarkozy. Gaddafis money is blooded.

The Arab League reacted right, the AU rather shaky, they still think they can brocker a peace deal with massmurderer Gaddafi.

FINALLY, if his own people stand against Gaddafi like you say, than he has lost all legitimacy to rule Libya, even if the people 'betrayed' him.

Anonymous said...

Radio free africa, you surely don't know or so ignorant to see the conspiracy spurned by people like you to bring down the legitimate leader of the people of Africa.

Radio Free Africa said...

Where does his 'legitimacy' come from, after all?
How can you even claim that he is the leader of Africa?
He is not very african at all, and Libya has as much in common with black african nations as the asian nations China and India have in common. Not much.